Owners Connexion Pilates

Sportswoman at heart, Lynn has among other things practiced aquaforme and even taught this discipline while she studied psychology at the university. In 1999, when she heard about a new form of training aimed at maintaining, improving and restoring physical functions through the development of deep muscles and improving posture, she abandoned everything and at Stott Pilates Studio in Toronto. She later opened the first Pilates studio on the North Shore at the Tennis 13 complex. The sequel is part of the story …


At first, Valérie was not destined for a career in Pilates teaching, but when her colleagues in the import-export company where she worked to build her energy overflowing into the sport, she enrolled in the courses of that one. who becomes his partner and his accomplice: Lynn Grenier. First of all, she followed her training with balanced body and, to stay updated continuously, she follows the trainings with Stott Pilates since 1999.


Together, they have taken Pilates Connect to new heights, integrating several related disciplines, including massage therapy, osteopathy and sports therapy, offering services and opening two new studios on the North Shore.